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Why Own MailGuard?

  1. Affordable, high end security mailbox
  2. Unique secure design
  3. Ample storage for weeks of mail
  4. Theft, vandal and impact resistant
  5. Rust, peel, fade and water proof
  6. Access delivered mail only with a key
  7. Accepts large sized mail
  8. Easy Installation
  9. Maintenance Free
  10. Made of polyethylene plastic
  11. Made in the USA
Affordable, high end security mailbox    
Today, your mail is at greater risk than ever.  Although state-of-the-art in design and manufacture, MailGuard locking mailbox costs less than many mailboxes that offer no security features whatsoever.  Other security mailboxes are prohibitively expensive (ranging from $200-$600) and many do not conform to the new U.S. Postmaster rules and regulations.  With MailGuard locking mailbox you do not need to spend a fortune to protect your mail at home or at work and it is approved by the U.S. Postmaster.  For $89.95 you can have MailGuard protect your mail and remove any worry or concern about the safety of your mail, even when you are on vacation.    
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Unique Secure Design    
Designed for both home and business use, MailGuard has an elegant state-of-the-art design which highlights its great stability and functionality.  In several trade shows, it was voted to have the "ideal mailbox design," and was selected for feature on "Today on NBC."

MailGuard provides over 2000 cubic inches for mail storage that can accommodate mail from numerous consecutive days.  You do not need to have your mail held while you are away on vacation.  Only those with a key can access the mail storage compartment.  Furthermore, the opening for mail delivery is spacious, allowing the mail carrier to deliver large pieces of mail, including oversize magazines and small packages with ease.  MailGuard locking mailbox comes pre-assembled.  Simple instructions allow you to attach your personal lock and flag (both included).  Once MailGuard is mounted to your curbside post or outside wall using the 4 specially treated bolts provided, you will never worry about maintenance.  There is no need to shine, paint or protect MailGuard locking mailbox as it is rust, crack, shatter, peel and fade-proof.

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Ample storage for weeks of mail    
MailGuard handles large size mail with a spacious opening for delivery of large pieces of mail including oversized magazines and small packages.

MailGuards state-of-the-art design is for both home and business use, MailGuard provides over 2000 cubic inches for mail storage, enough to accommodate mail from numerous days or weeks of delivery.

There is no need to stop your mail delivery when you go away on vacation or when your business is closed for several days. MailGuard protects your mail while you are away.
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Theft, Vandal and Impact Resistant    
For the criminal, the mailbox is the gateway to financial fraud, and victims are left with empty bank accounts and shattered credit ratings.  Mail theft and mailbox vandalism have been two problems in desperate need of an effective solution. CNN recently reported that Americans lose $650,000 per DAY in mail theft. This amounts to an amazing 2 BILLION DOLLARS stolen from mailboxes every year! Police statistics effectively demonstrate that rural, suburban, and urban communities all equally suffer mailbox vandalism. Now there is MailGuard security mailbox- not just a mailbox; a GUARD for your mail, only allowing access to delivered mail with your key.  MailGuard locking mailbox PROTECTS your mail with its strong polyethylene exterior, making it resistant to impact from cars, trucks, baseball bats, crowbars, etc.

Your mail is finally safe with MailGuard.

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Weatherproof, Rust, Fade and Peel Resistant    
MailGuard is completely water and snow proof. It withstands temperatures of -65 to +145 degrees Fahrenheit, relative humidity of 0 to 100%, solar radiation, heavy rainstorms, sleet, and wind velocities up to 100 miles per hour. The door operates in all weather conditions, keeping the mail dry and protected at all times. 

MailGuard locking mailbox is made of polyethylene plastic, which is guaranteed to be rust, peel and fade resistant.

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Access delivered mail only with a key    
MailGuard security mailbox serves as your own PO BOX at home or work.  Pick up your mail anytime knowing it is safe and secure.  Incoming mail is delivered through the incoming mail slot, drops into a locked area.  Only those with a key can retrieve your mail.    
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Accepts Large Sized Mail    
MailGuard locking mailbox has a spacious incoming mail slot, allowing it to accept oversized catalogs and small packages.     
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Easy Installation    
MailGuard locking mailbox can be easily mounted on a 4x4 wooden (suggested) or to most other types of posts.  MailGuard can also be mounted directly to the outside wall of your home or place of business, on brick, wood, cement, or aluminum siding etc.  Mailboxes must be placed to conform to state laws and highway regulations.  Customers are requested to contact the local Post Office before erecting the security mailbox to ensure its correct placement and height on at the street.  *All nuts and bolts are provided for installation.    
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Maintenance Free    
MailGuard locking mailbox, made of strong durable polyethylene plastic, is fade, peel and rust proof.  You will never need to add a finish or polish to the MailGuard locking mailbox.    
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U.S. Postmaster Requirements    
MailGuard has successfully met the following requirements of the U.S. Postmaster:
  • The mailbox must protect the mail placed inside and must operate properly under temperatures of -65 degrees to +145 degrees Fahrenheit, relative humidity of 0 to 100%, full solar radiation, snow and freezing rain, heavy rainstorms and wind velocities up to 100 miles an hour and water and slush thrown upwards by vehicles.
  • Plastic mailboxes must sustain an impact of a 10-pound weight being dropped from 3 feet.
  • Must sustain and pass the salt test for 200 continuous hours without corrosion, blistering, peeling or any other destructive reaction.
  • Must pass a special flammability test and be self-extinguishable when exposed to a flame.
  • Must contain no protrusions, projections, burrs, sharp edges or any hazardous features.
  • All seams and joints must be tight for proper mail protection.
  • The bottom of the box must be corrugated, ribbed to prevent mail from adhering to it from moisture, rain or snow entering through an open door.
  • The mailbox plastic must meet the thickness, form, mechanical and chemical properties to adequately meet the structural, operational and performance requirements.
  • All materials used must be compatible with each other.
  • The mail delivery door must provide the maximum protection against wind, rain, sleet or snow. The door must operate freely and be capable of operating 7500 normal operating cycles without breakage or failure to operate correctly.
  • The color intensity must not lose or gain more than 10% of its original value.

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